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If I wanted to continue working through the winter as a black-and-white clad busboy at Mayo's Steak House in Wichita Falls while in high school, my mom wanted me to get there on something other than a 90 cc dirt bike. My first four-wheeled vehicle (other than a little red wagon) was a used MG Midget. It was a blast driving it home, but I couldn't figure out why it would only get up to about 40 as I shifted through the gears. Eventually, I realized I was looking at the tachometer rather than the speedometer. Fortunately, I wasn't ticketed while inadvertently speeding down 8th Street.

MG Midget Mk. III

1970 MG Midget Mk. III

Yamaha RD350B

1973 Alfa Romeo Spider

International Harvester Scout

International Harvester Scout

Toyota Landcruiser

1988 Toyota Land Cruiser

2000 Honda Odyssey

2000 Honda Odyssey LX

2002 Honda CR-V

2002 Honda CR-V 4WD EX

Dodge Sprinter

2007 Dodge Sprinter

Honda Fit

2010 Honda Fit Sport


Vehicle Notes

1983 Chevrolet S10
  • Manual transmission, no air conditioning!
2000 Honda Odyssey
2000 Honda Odyssey
  • Purchased new in 1999 in Austin, Texas
  • Trade-in for Honda Fit in 2010
2010 Honda Fit Sport
Honda Fit
  • 1500 cc four-cylinder gasoline engine
  • Automatic transmission with paddle shifters
  • Purchased new in 2010 in Austin, Texas
  • Currently in use

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