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2002 Honda CR-V 4WD EX

The 1988 Toyota Landcruiser had over 200,000 miles and didn't get great gas mileage. When we moved from central Austin to the Driftwood area, my commute went from about 10 miles to about 28 miles. I sold the Landcruiser and bought this Honda CR-V from Howdy Honda in Austin, Texas. It has been a lot more reliable than the 2000 Honda Odyssey, and it averages about 20,000 miles per year.

  • 2,354 cc four-stroke, four-cylinder, water-cooled engine with double overhead cams (see specifications below)
  • Purchased new on April 25, 2002 from Howdy Honda, Austin, Texas
  • VIN: JHLRD788X2C050603

On Sunday morning, September 20, 2015, while my daughter was driving it to church, she momentarily "zoned out," left the road (FM 150 near Driftwood), overcorrected, left the road again, struck a gravel embankment, and came to rest against a small tree. Thankfully, no one was injured. The insurance company declared the car a total loss at 248,984 miles.

Honda CR-V
Ice-covered CR-V in the driveway at home near Driftwood, Texas.


2002 Honda CR-V crash
Wrecked CR-V along FM 150 near Driftwood, Texas.


Specifications (mostly from brochure and owner's manual)

Engine and Transmission

Cylinders Aluminum alloy inline 4
Bore and stroke 3.43 in x 3.90 in; 87.0 x 99.0 mm
Total displacement 2,354 cc; 144 cubic in.
Compression ratio 9.6:1
Firing order 1:3:4:2
Spark plugs (4) NGK :IZFR6K-11; Denso: SKJ20DR-M11; gap 0.04 in (1.1 mm)
Power @ 6000 rpm 160 hp SAE; 194 kW
Torque @ 3600 rpm

162 ft-lb; 220 Nm

Fuel consumption (EPA) City: 22 mpg; Highway: 26 mpg (automatic transmission)
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Final drive ratio 4.4:1 (automatic transmission)


Wheelbase 103.1 in; 2,620 mm
Length 178.6 in; 4,537 mm
Width 70.2 in
Height 66.2 in; 1,682 mm
Ground clearance 8.1 in
Seating capacity 5
Curb weight 3347 lb
Towing capacity 1500 lb
Tires P205/70 R15 95S
Tire pressure Front: 26 psi; Rear: 26 psi. High speed driving: 35 psi front and rear


Make and type Four-wheel disk brakes; ABS
Diameter 11.1 in; 282 mm

Coolant, Oils, Fluids, and Fuel Capacities

Coolant 1.19 gal 1.43 gal 5.4 l
Engine oil (SAE 5W20) 3.7 qt 4.4 qt 4.2 l
Transmission fluid (4WD): Honda ATF-Z1 2.7 qt 3.3 qt 3.1 l
Rear differential fluid (4WD): Honda Dual Pump Fluid 0.9 qt 1.1 qt 1.0 l
Fuel (regular unleaded, 86 octane or higher) 12.8 gal 15.3 gal 58 l
Windshield washer reservoir (U.S. vehicles) 2.2 qt 2.6 qt 2.5 l


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