Food and Recipes

There aren't a whole lot of things I can cook, but I do have some favorites. I have always enjoyed making bread (my grandmother Erna taught me long ago) and am continually surprised how difficult it is perceived to be. It really isn't that hard, so give it a try! I'm still working on the perfect French loaf (the ingredients are simple, but the process is not so easy). Some other favorites include cheesecake, Asian food (Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese), blueberry muffins, Belgian waffles, molasses cookies, fresh limeade, smoked salmon, various grilled meats, and omelettes, to name a few.

Erna's Rolls Rolls This is the first bread recipe I attempted. My grandmother taught it to me.
French-style Bread French bread I've worked a long time on this one and have borrowed from many sources. It continues to evolve, but produces an adequate result.
Prosphoron (altar bread) Prosphoron seal A recipe for making altar bread used in some Eastern Orthodox churches. This is the one I use when it is our turn to provide the bread.
Cheesecake Cheesecake A basic yet superb recipe given to me in 1982 by Kristin Orr, a geology graduate student at the University of Washington.
Belgian Waffles Belgian waffle A very good recipe for thick and light homemade waffles.
Sugar-crested Molasses Cookies Molasses Cookie Another recipe taught to me by my German-descended grandmother.
Green Chile Stew   One quick, local variation of a New Mexican classic.
Chicken Tortilla Soup   A fairly easy and tasty version of tortilla soup.
Deep-dish Pizza Deep-dish pizza Finally, a decent homemade pizza recipe with an exceptional crust.
Mushroom Soup   A good and basic mushroom soup recipe that I began making in 2013.
Peanut Brittle Peanut Brittle A non-dairy confection similar to that sold at Subiaco Abbey.
Zombie   A potent drink once served at Chelsea Street Pub in Austin, Texas.
Vanilla Ice Cream   This is the recipe I use at least once or twice each summer.

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