What's New at earthanomaly.com

August 2023

8/29/2023: Added a photograph for an August 1980 trip to Seattle, Washington

July 2023

7/23/2023: Added a Homemade vanilla ice cream recipe.

7/3/2023: Added the Contact page.

June 2023

6/28/2023: Added an entry and photograph for a September 2015 trip to Melbourne, Australia.

December 2021

12/19/2021: Updated the recipe for molasses cookies.

April 2021

4/10/2021: Updated the recipe for prosphoron.

December 2015

12/5/2015: Added a page for French-style bread.

12/5/2015: Updated the recipe for peanut brittle.

October 2015

10/30/2015: Updated status of 2002 Honda CR-V after September 2015 wreck

August 2015

8/30/2015: Added a page for chicken tortilla soup

June 2015

6/18/2015: Added a page for the 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser

6/9/2015: Added a photograph from a family trip to Rocky Mountain National Park (2001)

6/9/2015: Updated BMW R1200R page to refresh fuel usage statistics through 11,000 miles

January 2015

1/18/2015: Added a recipe for deep-dish pizza

December 2014

12/11/2014: Updated recipe for peanut brittle and added photographs

October 2014

10/30/2014: Added photographs from trips to La Push, Washington (1981) and Port Aransas, Texas (1995)

10/24/2014: Added photographs from trips to Chengdu, China and Cancun, Mexico (2010)

10/23/2014: Added a photograph from three 2014 family trips (Rockport, Mt. Magazine, and Durango)

10/22/2014: Updated BMW R1200R page to include fuel usage statistics

10/22/2014: Added recipe for peanut brittle

10/22/2014: Added recipe for Zombie alcoholic beverage


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