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1977 Suzuki GT750B Le Mans

I bought the red version of this motorcycle (the last production year for the vehicle affectionately known in the U.S. as the water buffalo) used in Austin, Texas in the late 1970s, more or less on a whim. It required a lot of tinkering to get it to run properly, and I didn't keep it very long. I borrowed the picture below from an online source (the photograph is from www.oldjapanesebikes.com/GT750_field_guide/page-113 and is credited there to Norm Green). At the bottom of the page is a photo gallery that contains a couple of black-and-white photographs of the GT750 I owned.

  • 738 cc two-stroke, three-cylinder, water-cooled engine with three carburetors (see specifications below)
  • Purchased used in late 1970s in Austin, Texas
  • Sold in 1980 in Austin, Texas
1973 1970 MG Midget
The red version of the 1977 GT750B, like the one I owned. Photograph credited to Norm Green and found on the "Field Guide to Old Japanese Motorcycles" web site mentioned above.

Specifications (from various online sources)

Engine and Transmission

Cylinders 3 in line; transverse; light aluminum alloy with cast-iron sleeves; two cycle
Bore and stroke 70.0 x 64.0 mm; 2.76 x 2.52 in
Total displacement 738 cc (45 cubic inches)
Compression ratio 6.7:1
Power @ 6500 rpm 70 hp
Torque @ 5500 rpm

61.5 ft-lb; 8.5 kg-m; 83.4 N-m

Top speed 119 mi/hr
0 to 60 mi/hr 5.3 s
Carburetors Mikuni BS40 (3); constant velocity, 40 mm
Transmission Five speed; chain drive (40/15)
Gear ratios I: 2.85 (13/37); II: 1.74 (19/33); III: 1.36 (22/30); IV: 1.13 (24/27); V: 0.96 (26/25)
Final drive ratio 3.67 (40/15)


Length 87.2 in; 2,215 mm
Width 34 in; 865 mm
Height 44.2 in; 1,125 mm
Wheelbase 58.7 in; 1,490 mm
Seat height 31.8 in; 810 mm
Curb weight Wet: 529 lb; Dry: 472 lb
Tires Front: 3.25 x 19; Rear: 4.00 x 18


Type Dual front disk, rear drum
Diameter Front disk: 129 mm; Rear drum: 180 mm

Coolant, Oils, and Fuel

Cooling system (water based) 4.0 qt 4.8 qt 4.5 l
Engine oil 1.6 qt 1.9 qt 1.8 l
Transmission 1.9 qt 2.3 qt 2.2 l
Fuel tank 3.7 gal 4.5 gal 17 l

Photo Gallery

Click on images below for higher-resolution version (opens in new window)

Suzuki GT750B front oblique Left-front view of 1977 Suzuki GT750 in 1978 (in front of my brother's house on Mission Ridge, Austin, Texas.
1977 Suzuki GT 750B right Right-side view of 1977 Suzuki GT750 in 1978.


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