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I really like bicycles, especially road bikes. I only have one at the moment (the Vitus), but I try to ride it nearly every day. My interest was kindled on a visit to Wichita Falls in September 1991 for a high school reunion. It was the weekend after something called "The Hotter'n Hell Hundred," a very popular century ride in Wichita Falls in late August. I was intrigued, and began training for it the next year. I have continued to ride a fair amount ever since. It's about the only outdoor form of exercise that I can tolerate in the Texas summertime heat, and it is kinder to the knees than running.

Schwinn Varsity 5-speed
  • Bike of my late childhood; I'm not sure where this bike went

Peugeot PH10

Peugeot PH10
  • Destroyed in a collision with a speeding car in Austin, Texas
Vitus 992
  • Current bicycle
Specialized Allez
  • Stolen from my garage in Austin, Texas


Created 20110917; updated 20110917