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1975 Yamaha RD350B

This is my second motorcycle, which I bought new from a Yamaha dealer in Iowa Park, Texas during my senior year in high school. I went on my first real motorcycle road trip on this one, traveling with my older brother to Mason, Del Rio, Ciudad Acuna, Big Bend National Park, Pecos, and Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

  • 350 cc two-stroke, two-cylinder engine
  • Purchased new in 1975 in Iowa Park, Texas
  • A really fast bike when running well
  • Used for everyday transportation, college, and my first-ever long road trip
1975 Yamaha RD350B
Working on my 1975 Yamaha RD350B in the back yard of my brother's house on Mission Ridge in Austin, Texas, sometime in the late 1970s. Note the cool sissy bar with my shirt hanging on it. I appear to be doing something with the front disk caliper and instrument cluster. The right turn signal is missing, the tachometer is dangling, and perhaps the brake lever is bent. I did drop this bike once on a bitterly cold ride from Austin to Iowa Park when I hit a sandy patch on the highway near Jacksboro. This could have been the aftermath.


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